Realistic Pussy Sex Toy

Buying a realistic pussy sex toy is becoming an increasingly popular option for those males seeking the ultimate masturbatory pleasure. They may also be used to practice oral sex techniques or general sexual techniques or ideas. An artifical vagina toy is always made of a soft material and generally requires the use of lubrication and sometimes heat to achieve the feel of an ultra realistic pussy. Some of these toys work in conjunction with vibrators to produce an even more pleasurable and realistic sexual experience. Even those vaginas not designed specifically for use with a vibrator can often be improved by adding the use of a vibrator to the sexual activities.

These realistic looking vaginas are often made of Cyberskin, Ultra Realistic Pussy, or Futuroitc materials. These are natural feeling blends of PVC and silicone and have the highest customer satisfaction rating.  These also tend to be the most expensive types of realistic vaginal toys. Other varieties of the artificial vagina sex toy composition include rubber, soft plastics, and latex materials. All of these materials must be cleaned thoroughly after each use, usually with warm, soapy water or sex toy cleaner, as directed by the manufacturer. These products are not designed to be shared with other people, as this can contribute to the spread of infection and possible disease, especially if they are not cleaned properly. Some of these toys can be bought with special carrying cases or holders to make them more discreet.

Realistic Pussy

These vagina toys can be designed to resemble just about any type of female genitalia. Some are made to resemble the vaginal entrances of pornographic actresses, and depending on the quality, many have such realistic features as public hair, pubic bones, and a clitoris. Realistic vaginas have a long orifice that can be made as narrow or as wide as the user desires and needs for penetration. Narrower openings are said to feel like anal sex, but purchasers should be careful to buy a vagina that will accomodate their penis size as these do not stretch or open like a real vagina. Some vaginas are designed to be used with a vibrating bullet that can be controlled by a separate but connected remote control or other device. Most vaginas will work with a vibrator, but it is important to read and follow any enclosed safety instructions. Water based lubricants or lotions may also add to the pleasure of the sexual experience, but on most materials, oil or silicone based lubricants should not be used.

Many men report having intense pleasure using these sex toys. They are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased online or at sex toy shops. Instructions for proper care, use, and maintenance are usually included with a purchase, and these should be followed closely. A little research can help men to find the perfect and most enjoyable realistic pussy sex toy to meet their needs and desires.

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