Female Love Doll

Many males love using the female love doll to add to the excitement and fun of their sex lives. These sexy little dolls come in a wide range of varieties, and all feature a realistic pussy for the user’s maximum sexual pleasure. Depending on the style ordered, the doll can often be made to resemble the user’s dream woman, but unlike a real woman, these dolls won’t ever age or not be in the mood for sex.

Buying a silicone love doll is a popular but expensive option. These dolls can range anywhere from three thousand to five thousand dollars and up, but they are incredibly customizable. Each doll features a realistic pussy, and most have anal and oral openings as well. Buyers can customize everything from the doll’s facial expression to her hair color, eye color, exact skin tone, and outfits. Dolls can even have a removable or permanent penis added on for those males that enjoy the fantasy of being with a “she-male.” These dolls have to be used with a water (not oil or silicone) based lubricant and must be cleaned thoroughly after each use. Most silicone dolls come with special cleaning kits and instructions to prevent the user from contracting any infections or other health issues. The dolls have to be stored in a position that will not lend itself to easy breaking or tearing, and temperatures should not be above four hundred degrees farenheit. Due to the high price of silicone dolls, these can be repaired if any issues occur.

Love Doll

An inflatable love doll is a cheaper, but less realistic, option. As one might imagine, these dolls are simply blown up and then can be penetrated. Like silicone dolls, inflatables usually have anal, vaginal, and oral openings for sexual pleasure. These dolls usually cost anywhere from twenty to two hundred dollars, depending on the brand and durability. Cheaper dolls are usually not as high quality. More expensive dolls often have bullet vibrators inside the vagina or anus of the doll to provide for a more intense sexual experience. After each use, dolls should be cleaned, deflated, and stored away from direct heat or sunlight. Neither type of doll should be shared with other users, as this can increase the spread of infection or disease, especially if proper cleaning techniques have not been adhered to.

Sex dolls or love dolls can be purchased at most sex shops and through a variety of online speciality stores. Most buyers prefer to shop online to avoid embarassment, and many online retailers allow buyers to go through the entire design and ordering process from the comfort of their own homes and computers. Doing a bit of research and considering what one wants in a doll with help make the decision of which type of female love doll a user should purchase.